Prenatal Massage

The miracle of pregnancy can also be a major stressor for the body. Hormone fluctuations, the weight of the baby, and other components of even the easiest pregnancy serve to make a unique challenge to the woman’s body. This is why many women who are “expecting” are now seeking out our specialized pregnancy massage at Metta Massage & Therapeutics in Louisville, KY.

Pregnancy massage is aimed at relieving some of the stress and exhaustion associated with pregnancy. Some of these stresses are physical (swollen joints), while others are psychological (anxiety over the addition of a new life to your world). Either way, massage can help, and is often recommended by medical professionals for effective stress reduction on the body. This is why we provide you with the best massage therapist in Louisville. You can get a full body massage along with one of our body wraps to ease your tired muscles and your frazzled mind.

When looking for a pregnancy massage, it never hurts to ask about the therapist’s experience and qualifications. This is not an area in which you want to take any chances. Massage is a complicated art, and there’s a reason that therapists have to take special classes to get licensed. They learn the proper bodywork therapy for any circumstance.

To learn more information about our massage services, you should get in touch with Metta Massage & Therapeutics in Louisville, KY.